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The Concise British Flora In Colour (1965)

The Concise British Flora In Colour (1965)


'The product of a project lasting over 60 years to study, research, and illustrate the natural wild flowers of the UK. W. Keble Martin started before the first world war and this book was not published until 1965. It records short descriptions of the plants with proper nomenclature and popular name. On the opposite page are the composite illustrations of the variations of flowers within a family.
All the plants and flowers were drawn from life. The book was a best seller when published in 1965 - a feat not yet repeated for a book about wild flowers.' - Book review as featured on the 'Botanical Art & Artists' website


"Every figure on these plates was drawn direct from nature. The drawings were first made in the form of pen outlines of small separate sheets. On each sheet the name of the specimen was recorded, with the date, the place from which the specimen came and the name of the sender, if any or the referee who named it. These sheets form four octavo loose-leaf volumes." - W. Keble Martin

Type: Hardcover

Condition: Excellent

Author: W. Keble Martin

Language: English

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