The one thing synonymous with summer is the beach and with it comes the deep blue sea, a bright blue sky and summer looks that sizzle! If you think about it, blue is quite the generic colour in that we come across it a lot in daily life. Blue jeans, blue sky, blue sea, blue pens. It is also a colour that is easy to wear - not scary or outrageous in any way and almost a fail safe alternative to black. However, come across the right tone of blue and it's a completely different story!

Jardin Majorelle, Morocco  /  Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage Corset Top

Vincent Van Gogh, 'Irises'Vintage 'Iris' Earrings

Peniche, Portugal Vintage 'Rita' Trousers

London Sky Vintage 'Waves' 2 Piece Jacket and Dress

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