We are not hoarders, we are collectors.

No to waste. Yes to unique design.

As with many great ventures, thecollective began with the need to fulfill a personal desire - to find and preserve unique, quality items that will remain relevant and help reduce the negative environmental impact that new mass market products create.

Some people get a rush from riding on a roller-coaster, for us the rush comes when we discover amazing items that have been discarded by others. We love rummaging for bargains and if it was a professional sport we would have all the trophies!

Our aim is to scour the marketplace for quality items - from clothing to accessories and items for the home - so that you don't have to. It is our mission to bring you unique and exciting vintage and pre-loved items that are ready to breathe a new life. We also have a penchant for rummaging through other people's closets so if you think you've got forgotten treasures in your wardrobe or attic then drop us a message and we can come and take a look!

We hope you enjoy browsing our website - comments are always welcome so be sure to get in touch if you want to ask a question or just share a thought :)