Got more questions?

Do you have a physical store?

Yes we do! If you are in Cyprus you can visit us at our store in Old Nicosia which is on Palaion Patron Germanos (turning left off Ledra Street before the border at Costas Theodorou). We do not stock all our items there however, so please contact us if there is a specific product you are after to make sure we have it at the shop when you visit.

Do you accept consignments?

We love discovering cool and unique items that are ready to breathe a new life. If you think you've got some treasures that we could sell for you then bring them along to our shop or send us photos and we can let you know if they are suitable. Likewise, we love rummaging through other people's closets so if you would like us to come to you then please contact us to book an appointment. For more information please read our Consignment & Resale page.

Do you have a personal shopper service?

Our aim is to make people happy and offer the ultimate experience. If you need help finding that special outfit for an event, a unique gift for a loved one or simply feel like your wardrobe/home needs updating then get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Even if we don't have what you are looking for you, we are always on the lookout for exciting one of a kind items so just let us know your budget and what you want and we will try and make it happen! For more information please read our Personal Shopper page.

Do you offer alterations/repairs?

We do not offer free alterations or repairs unless the garment has arrived faulty and/or damaged beyond its original state and you wish to fix it instead of claiming a refund. We do have a tailor we work with however who can advise on undertaking any changes you may wish to make to a garment e.g. altering a hem or fitting a garment to your size. With a little imagination there is a lot you can do to update and tailor a vintage item to your needs!

How often does new stock come in?

Unlike conventional retailers we do not operate on a standard seasonal basis of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections. Due to the nature of our business and the vintage element of our stock our main aim is to offer an exciting shopping experience by offering our customers one of a kind product as it comes in regardless of the season. We do not like holding stock back - it would be unfair to keep all our unique gems hidden away from the world! Because we try to bring you only the best product we cannot predict when new stock will come in as it depends on what we find on our travels, however we are always on the hunt so you should check back regularly to snap up our new arrivals before somebody else does!

Why do you stock damaged/faulty items?

Due to the nature of vintage garments it is common that some items show signs of wear and tear but this doesn't mean that they still don't have life left in them! There is so much that can be done to repair or alter a garment which is why we still source and list faulty items. We only stock amazing product that deserves a second life and if an item is damaged but we are still selling it, it means it is worth the fixing! If you are interested in an item but are not sure you want to deal with the faults get in touch and we will be more than happy to advise - if the fault is simple to fix we sometimes do this for our customers free of charge.

Why not fix damaged/faulty items before listing?

This is a good question! Because needs are particular to each customer, the end use of an item to one person could be something completely different to somebody else so we do not fix a fault unless we are requested to do so. Some customers buy a garment to completely revamp it or even alter the size which may mean removing the faulty fabric or trim which defeats the purpose of fixing it in the first place. Some people (including ourselves) find some faults endearing because they tell a story and prefer to leave them as they are. For example, this could be the case with items that show signs of patina forming over time. Even if it can easily be removed some say it gives a piece more colour and character not to mention an increase in value sometimes. So in order to cater to everyone it is better to meet each customer's needs individually.

Are your prices negotiable?

Under normal circumstances our prices are final unless we have offered a specific promotion to our customers. The only instance where we may accept to negotiate on a price is when the item is listed as faulty or if it arrives damaged to you but instead of returning you prefer to accept a part credit.