Want to sell with us?

If you think you've got items in your closet or home that you're ready to part with and would like to get some extra cash then get in touch and we can help you sell them. We have two ways of working when it comes to consignment & re-sale:

Commission Based (Consignment): If we think your items are a good fit for our shop we will keep them for sale. Your item might be an immediate match meaning it could be sold straight away but bear in mind that some items take much longer to sell depending on their price, seasonality and occasion. We charge a flat rate commission % for consignment items and once your item is sold you can be paid within 10-14 working days either by cash or store credit.

Cash on the Spot: If you are desperate to get rid of an item and prefer to receive cash straight away then we can look at making you a cash offer at the point of reviewing your items. Bear in mind that you will receive a much lower price for cash on the spot items and these can be used to receive cash, store credit or as part exchange.

Resale Guidelines

  • Good quality items: vintage, antique, designer or non-branded but unique. You can browse our website or visit the shop for a better example of items that we like to stock.
  • Items that we accept: clothing, shoes, accessories, homeware (including furniture), books, vinyls, unique movies/documentaries. We do not accept electrical items unless they are antique or vintage. If you have an item that does not fall in these categories but that you still think we would like then let us know and we may make an exception.
  • We do not accept Childrenswear unless it is in clean, perfect condition and meets the resale guidelines.
  • We very rarely accept Underwear or Swimwear unless vintage and/or new with tags still on.
  • Designer or higher end high street brands are preferable, we do not accept high street brands (e.g. Zara, Topshop, Primark) unless they are vintage and in excellent condition.
  • Please note that items only qualify as vintage if they are generally at least 20 years old if not more i.e. non designer items from the 90s/00s will rarely be accepted unless very unique or of high quality.
  • Designer items must be authentic and you must have proof of this. If we have any doubts regarding the authenticity of an item then we will not accept it.
  • We sometimes accept furniture and bulky items, however depending on their weight we may ask for the items to be kept with you until sold or a potential customer wants to view. Any transportation fees that will apply will have to be deducted from your profit.
  • Very rarely we accept items that are faulty or damaged on the condition that they can be restored/fixed. Please always be honest about an item's flaws when contacting us.
  • Finally, all items must be cleaned prior to handing over, we will not accept dirty or soiled items!

START SELLING BY FILLING IN THE FORM BELOW INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING IN YOUR MESSAGE: product description, brand name, size, colour, age, original RRP (if known), condition, why you want to sell.

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