I've wanted to write a post on Cate for a while now but somehow it got left behind, which in a way is a happy coincidence because there is no better time than the present given that she has a brand spanking new film out. If the teaser trailer and photos are anything to go by, which are both rather amazing, then this is set to be one fabulous visual feast and we can not wait for it to come out! Ms. Blanchett is starring in Carol, the screen adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's novel 'The Price of Salt' and it is probably the only film that has me genuinely excited this year. Not only because it will be Cate doing what Cate does best (i.e. rocking the socks off her acting credibility) but also because it is set in 1950's New York which means taking one of the chicest eras in history and setting it against the glamorous backdrop of one of the greatest cities in the world.

The minute I laid eyes on the absolutely stunning teaser photos I instantaneously fell in love - the hair, the hats, the jewels, the nipped in waists, the refined effortless glamour - all the aspects that made the 50's such a gloriously rich era fashion wise.

If like us you are a fan of this decade and in need of some inspiration then fear not, I have compiled our favourite pieces to help you emulate the look!



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