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"A First Book of Pattern Design" 1952 by B. Hargreaves

"A First Book of Pattern Design" 1952 by B. Hargreaves

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Note from inner page of book:

"Pattern design is decoration by means of repetition of one or more motifs over an indefinite space and is broadly divided into two large groups:

a) Border designs, i.e. repetition in a lateral direction.

b) All-over designs, i.e. repetition in every direction.

The object of this simple book of pattern design is to show the various traditional constructions of repeating patterns throughout all ages, and their use in as many materials as possible.

The book consists of 15 pages of designs, each illustrating their gradual evolution from simple beginnings, and 15 pages of fine cartridge paper for the student's own work based upon the patterns given."

This book would make a wonderful gift for a design lover.

Condition: Very Good (all pages present and no rips or tears, none of the blank pages have been filled in, however there are various ink and paint marks throughout the book as shown in the photos - this does not affect the use)

Type: Softcover

Author: B. Hargreaves

Language: English

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