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Daughter in the House - 1969

Daughter in the House - 1969

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"Alex Graham is the best-known humorist of our time. 'Fred', the Graham's pet basset hound, appears every day in the Daily Mail and has an enormous following, while Punch contains the popular domestic cartoons in this book. Born of Scottish parents in Glasgow, Graham went to the Glasgow Academy of Art and won glittering prizes for portrait and landscape painting. His first cartoon was published while he was still at school. He lives now in Sussex, is married with two children and Fred.

Reviewing Alex Graham's last book Normally I Never Touch It: People At Parties (published in 1968), Chaim Bermant said in the Observer: 'Graham's annual collection of cartoons helps to make the approach of Christmas bearable... he is the most affable of cartoonists, and among the very few who combine humour with charity.' Here is his latest graphic commentary on the foibles of every day family life.

A wonderful gift for a father especially who can relate to the trials and tribulations of having an adolescent daughter!

Type: Hardcover

Condition: Excellent

Author: Alex Graham

Illustrator: Alex Graham

Language: English

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