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Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher


1. Choose the amount you would like to add to your gift card (if you can not see the amount you want then just purchase multiple gift cards for the same person which sum up to the total amount you want.

2. Specify in the notes section of your order where you would like the gift voucher to be sent - either it will be sent to you completely blank for you to fill in OR we can fill the voucher in for you and ship the voucher straight to the gift bearer (if you choose this option don't forget to include all the details of the gift bearer in the notes and any message you would like us to write).

3. The gift voucher can be used either in store by handing in the physical card or online with the code that will be added to the voucher.

If you aren't sure about something or simply want to ask a question about an item before purchasing don't hesitate to get in touch. Whether it is to clarify sizing or request more info on a product we are always here to help.

*Sizing - garments are always measured laid flat and doubled, e.g. armpit to armpit is 17" = 34" chest

*Colour - we do our best to capture the true colour of a garment in the photos but if you are not sure then let us know and we'll be happy to send more photos

*Wear & Tear - our item descriptions are quite detailed to ensure you are given as much information as possible about each item's condition. If we state the condition as 'new' or 'never worn' then expect no wear and tear. If a garment is listed as 'excellent' then there are no faults and the item has normal wear for a vintage or used item. 'Very good' is an indication that the garment is wearable but there may be minor or insignificant flaws that are not noticeable or can be fixed and these are always stated in the description. We do not stock items that are of a poorer condition than the above.

*Materials - if there is a label or marking on the item we will state what fabric or materials were used to make the product. If the item does not have a label we will always state this and then indicate our own opinion of the fabric or material but this is not a guaranteed fact.

*Product Care - if there is a care label on the item we will state the directions indicated. If the item does not have a care label we will state our product care advice based on the fabric/material.