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Mid-century Wood & Brass 48pc Cutlery Set

Mid-century Wood & Brass 48pc Cutlery Set

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Absolutely stunning 48-piece set of wood and brass mid-century cutlery dining set. Look to be expertly hand crafted and some of them have beautiful patina on the brass and the wood.

Condition: Excellent (all pieces are sturdy and in good working order - I would recommend cleaning before use and polishing the brass if you are after a shiny look instead of the beautiful aged look)

Label: None

Trims: These come in a box which I do not believe was the original packaging as it looks like someone has made it out of an old backgammon set box which is amazing! (you can see the backgammon peeking through in the main photo).

Measurements: I have labelled the cutlery with food uses but if you would like specific measurements of any of these then let me know! (Box is 47cm x 25cm x 7cm).

Material: Wood, Brass

Product Care: Hand Wash

*please note this is a heavy item and therefore the higher shipping reflects this

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