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"Ornamental Alphabets and Initials" 1983 by Alison Harding

"Ornamental Alphabets and Initials" 1983 by Alison Harding

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Note from book introduction:

"The purpose of bringing together this collection of alphabets and initials is twofold. Firstly, I hope that it may show some part of the extraordinary diversity of creative impulse that, through centuries, has been applied to that most familiar of forms, the letter. Secondly, by tracing some of the influences that have inspired or directed the designers and decorators of letters, I hope to extend understanding of the way in which this particular aspect of artistic endeavour has survived so many changes of fashion and technological innovations."

This book would make a wonderful gift for a design lover.

Condition: Excellent

Type: Softcover

Author: Alison Harding

Language: English

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