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"The New Hudson Shakespeare: The Tragedy of MacBeth" 1965

"The New Hudson Shakespeare: The Tragedy of MacBeth" 1965

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Introduction to Preface of book:

"The text of this edition of Macbeth is based upon a collation of the seventeenth century Folios, the Globe edition, and that of Delius. As compared with the text of the earlier editions of the Hudson Shakespeare, it is conservative. Exclusive of changes in spelling, punctuation, and stage directions, very few emendations by eighteenth century and nineteenth century editors have been adopted; and these, with every variation from the First Folio, are indicated in the textual notes. These notes re printed immediately below the text so that a reader or student may see at a glance the evidence in the case of a disputed reading and have some definite understanding of the reasons for those differences in the text of Shakespeare which frequently surprise and very often annoy."

Condition: Excellent (as new)

Type: Hardcover

Author: Introduction & notes by Henry Norman Hudson, LL.D.

Language: English

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