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British Army Wooden Ammo Box

British Army Wooden Ammo Box

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British wooden .303 ammo box that has been painted a lovely shade of duck egg blue. Markings have been painted over but can still be read in the light. Might not be able to use for military re-enactment but would make a lovely storage box or collectible. 

Condition: Excellent (good sturdy condition all hinges and closures work fine)

Label: "SV 59SA" marked on lid, "300 CART 303 BALL Mk7 BDR" marked on side as well as "GOVERNMENT EXPLOSIVE" safety glass stamp

Trims: Top handle, side hinge closures, removable lid

Measurements: Height - 9" (23cm) / Width - 16" (40.7cm) / Depth - 4.5" (11.5cm)

Material: Wood, Metal

Product Care: Wipe clean

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